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***New Start/Finish for 2015 means the course will change slightly.***

Here's what we enjoyed in years past so you have an idea of the terrain:


The 2014 course starts at the Brooklyn Exchange Cabin and heads out on the Bridal Trail.  The course will be well marked on race day, so be sure to follow the colored streamers, pie plate arrows, and flags.  Once on the bridal trail, you will follow this path through an open field, then back into the woods.  There will be a few places to turn off in different directions, so stay on course the first mile.  Each trail intersection will be well marked, so if you follow the arrows, you should have no problems.  Following the bridal trail through the woods, it will take you down along the river.  You will see a stream on your left.  DO NOT CROSS THE STREAM.  Continue along the footpath and the woods will open up onto an all purpose paved trail.  Follow the paved trail to the Hinckley Lake Loop Trail.  Again, there are places to take a wrong turn here.  Just follow the course markings, and you will be fine :)  Now that you are on the Lake Trail, follow this to the Spillway / Dam Area.  Stay out of the dam parking area, the course will follow the road and all purpose trail through this area.  When you get out to Bellus Road, you will follow the bike path up East Drive to the top of the hill.  You will now re-enter the Hinckley Lake Loop Trail on you right.  Do NOT miss this turn!  As you follow the Lake Trail, it will take you to a road crossing.  Look both ways before jumping out there, then follow the course marking up the park road to the Ledges section.  Now the fun part.  The Ledges.  This is the most confusing section of the course.  And the only big hill to climb ;-)  This section will be well marked and there will be an aid station close by to ensure all make it through the Ledges Hiking Trail.  The park calls this a "Hiking" trail...  There is no shame in walking here folks, especially those doing the 50K.  Once you reach the top of the Ledges, there will be a parking area and some rest rooms.  You will follow the Buckeye Trail here through the woods and fields, down to Parker Road.  Stay on the road here and  follow Parker Road and Harter Road .  This section will be mostly downhill.  When you get to the bottom of the hill, you will make a climb up the road about 100 yards.  At the top of the hill, there is an entrance to re-enter the Bridal Trail and Buckeye Trail here on your right.   Please DO NOT miss this turn either.  Missing this turn will put you out on Medina Line Road, you do not want to be there.  You want to be on the trail.  Follow this trail straight back to the cabin.   There is a stream to cross on the way back to the cabin, so you will probably get your feet wet on this section.  It's part of trail running, so just embrace it. Those that try to stay dry by hopping across rocks, usually end up on their rears in the river.  Although this is appealing to witness, its not a great experience. 

Happy Trails!


We look forward to seeing you on race day!  

GPS Data and with elevation profile and distance will be posted soon.

Buzzard Day Course Map

Hinckley Reservation  ||  March 14, 2015  ||  Ledge Lake

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